Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the new standard height hanger geometry?

What else is new about Stage 11s?

Has the baseplate changed?

What is the height difference between the old geometry and the new?

What if I really liked the old height?

How do I know I’m buying a Stage 10 or 11?

For the first few months, all new Stage 11s will have a hangtag signifying the update.

All trucks feature a bar code label with description on the bottom of the baseplate, which will identify stage, size, model, and name.

I don’t see my size available yet. When will it come out?

We will be rolling out sizes, models, and colorways over the next few months as required by inventory levels.

Will Independent be updating the Forged Hollows too?

Yes, however the current Forged baseplate says "Stage Ten" on the bottom so in transition we’ll be calling all Forged trucks with the new hanger geometry "Stage 10.5". Look for the name on the bar code label on the bottom of the baseplate.

Updated Forged baseplates will be rolling out in 2013 with a new bottom graphic. Otherwise, there is no difference.

Did the Low trucks change?

The low hanger has remained the same, which was developed in 2010 and features many of the performance enhancements of the new standard height trucks.

We’ve gone ahead and updated the name of these to Stage 11 as well as the baseplate stamp to coincide with the entire truck line.

Didn’t Independent recently update the geometry on 109, 159, and 169 sizes?

Yes, these sizes already featured the new geometry that is being adopted line wide. They are essentially the same design as the new Stage 11 aside from the baseplate stamp, name, and SKU number.

What about the 215?

The 215 currently features the older geometry but will be rolled out in 2013 with the updated geometry.

We’ve gone ahead and updated the name of these to Stage 11 as well as the baseplate stamp to coincide with the entire truck line.

Is there a weight difference?

-Yes, but very minimal (2-8g depending on size) due to improved strength and lifespan (see above).

-Although the weight difference is not significant, if you’re looking for a lightweight version of our trucks try our Gravity Cast Hollow or Forged Hollow designs that feature lighter components.

What cushions and washers do Stage 11s come with?

-All Stage 11 trucks come with our new improved stamped steel washers on top and bottom that feature outer flared trim marks for less cushion cutting and improved turning action.

-All standard height Stage 11s come with Supercush formula urethane cushions with conical top and cylinder bottom. The cylinder bottom cushion improves break in time and overall performance and stability right out of the shop.

-All low height trucks come with Supercush formula conical top and bottom for maximum performance and action on our low truck design.

Tell me more about the new standard height geometry?

We set out to make a new geometry based on older stages of Independent trucks, but with improved performance for modern skateboarding. To do this we modeled select older stages of trucks and overlaid cross sections of them with our Stage 10 design.

We moved the cushion seat down within the yoke, propping the hanger up and away from the kingpin and allowing it to pivot properly around the pivot point. This improves the action of the truck, allowing it to turn quicker while providing added stability.

The trucks are a little taller, allowing for more range of motion, less wheel bite, better grind clearance, and improved turn and stability.