MAY 31st - JUNE 2nd


There’s no place on earth quite like the twisted concrete terrain of Lincoln City, Oregon Skatepark. Mark Scott and the Dreamland crew have created what should be considered one of skateboarding’s biggest monuments. 2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Lincoln City Skatepark, and Independent Trucks is throwing a three day contest to end all contests. We’ve invited the biggest rippers in all of skateboarding to come lay down some of the heaviest sessions that the park’s ever seen. The Pacific Northwest offers a type of living that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, and that’s exactly what this contest celebrates.
Come Rip. Come Ride. Come Rally.


Aaron Homoki
Adam Hopkins
Al Partanen
Alex Sorgente
Allysha Le
Anakin Senn
Ben Raybourn
Brad MCClain
Brian Anderson
Brighton Zuener
Bryce Kanights
CJ Collins
Cedric Pabich
Chris Gregson
Chris Russell
Christian Hosoi
Clay Kreiner
Cody Chapman
Collin Provost
Cory Juneau
Cruise Mosberg
Curren Caples
Daan Van Der Linden
Dalton Dern
Danny Tumia (Skeletor)
Darren Navarrette
David Gravette
Dolan Stearn
Elijah Berle
Emmanuel Guzman
Eric Dressen
Erick Winkowski
Evan Smith
Fernando Bramsmark
Frank Shaw
Gavin Bottger
Grant Taylor
Greyson Fletcher
Ishod Wair
Jack Fardell
Jackson Pilz
Jake Wooten
Jeff Grosso
Jerry Gurney
Jesse Lindhoff
Jimmy Wilkins
Jimmy the Greek
John Cardiel
John Gardner
Jordyn Barratt
Josh Borden
Justin Figueroa
Kader Sylla
Karl Berglind
Keegan Palmer
Kevin Baekkel
Kevin Kowalski
Lance Mountain
Lizzie Armanto
Mark Gonzales
Mike Anderson
Milton Martinez
Murillo Peres
Nicole Hause
Nora Vasconcellos
Omar Hassan
Oskar Rosenburg
Patrick Ryan
Pedro Barros
Pedro Delfino
Peter Hewitt
Raney Beres
Raven Tershy
Riley Boland
Riley Hawk
Robbie Russo
Roman Pabich
Ronnie Sandoval
Rune Glifburg
Sam Beckett
Sam Hitz
Sammy Baca
Simon Bannerot
Steve Caballero
Tanner Van Vark
Toby Koala
Tom Remillard
Tom Schaar
Tony Hawk
Tony Trujillo
Tristan Funkhouser
Tristan Rennie
Tyler Pacheco
Vincent Matheron
Wes Kremer
Willis Kimbel
Yndiara Asp
Zion Wright


Friday, May 31st

11AM - 4PM

Invited riders will be directed to registration where they will be signed in and entered into the Bronson Time Trials. One practice run for each contestant. Fastest of the following two runs will win big cash from Bronson Speed Co.

Saturday, June 1st

11AM - 8PM

Lower Park - 11am to 1pm

Cash prize for overall best score.

Upper Park - 2pm to 4pm

Cash prize for overall best score.

Snake Run- 5pm to 7pm

Cash prize for overall best score.


Dominate the whole park and walk away with the dough.

Sunday, June 2nd

11AM - 3PM

OJ Wheels is proud to anounce it’s first ever Dirt Jump Classic. We’re headed back to The Scott Compound for an off-road event like no other. OJ will be suppling 15 different dirt board completes to hit obstacles created by none other than Zarosh! Cash prizes for best tricks. A trick could be eating shit...?
(secret mimosa bar by Danyel Scott) (21 and up)